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Passé, is a clothing exchange marketplace where friends trade old clothes for new things with no money involved, is different from its competition in that it utilizes clothing renewal as a user-to-user interaction, rather than relying on monetary exchange. This creates a more sustainable and community-driven model of consumption, where users can refresh their wardrobe in a way that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Passé's approach to the circular economy emphasizes on the use of existing resources and the power of community, by connecting friends and like-minded individuals who share the same values. It allows the users to find new-to-them clothes that are unique, personal, and have a story behind them, while giving a second life to clothes that are no longer in fashion, and reduce waste in the fashion industry.

Passé is my baby.

I created this company from the ground up. My original idea that I am working hard to bring to the world.


Passé is a unique marketplace that focuses on community, sustainability, and personalization, while providing users with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to refresh their wardrobe.

A Circular Economy

The circular economy is a model of economic development that focuses on the continuous use of resources by keeping products, components, and materials in use for as long as possible. It aims to minimize waste and pollution by designing out negative environmental impacts and keeping products and materials in use. This is in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which is based on the "take-make-dispose" model of extracting resources, manufacturing products, and disposing of waste.


The circular economy has become increasingly important in recent years, as the world's population and consumption continue to grow, putting pressure on finite resources and the environment. The circular economy can help address this by reducing the need for virgin resources, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing waste. It also can create new business opportunities and jobs, and promote innovation and sustainable development.

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