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Self-led and independent entrepreneurial project to improve Northwestern club engagement. ClubSpot is a mobile app designed to solve the problem of  ClubSpot is a hub for all clubs/events/teams, creating a seamless experience for signing up for a club, keeping up with all of them, and attending events whether or not the individual is directly involved. This app is made to foster connections through the organizations at one’s university.


Each university has a different way of going about club/organization engagement, whether it be social media, a physical club fair, etc. Information gets lost for the hundreds of clubs, both locally or nationally, on a college campus.


Social media, it is the main stream of communication for the generation of today: dating, events, jobs, and everything else. There was no standard social media app for clubs, organizations, or campus involvement for college students: until ClubSpot.

Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 12.48.23 PM.png

As this was a solo project, I was the lead for everything such as: conducting user interviews, creating the user flow, and implementing the creative design with code. I was in charge of the design process, working with Figma to make sure the app was user-friendly and visually appealing. I also conducted user research and testing to ensure that the app met the needs of the target audience.


The skills I used in this project include:

  • Communication to effectively communicate with my team and stakeholders

  • Critical thinking to analyze user feedback and make design decisions

  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in the project

  • Creativity to design an visually appealing and user-friendly app

  • Problem solving to identify and solve user pain points

  • Emotional intelligence to understand the user's needs and emotions

  • User research and testing to gather feedback and improve the design.


The end result is an app that makes it easy for college students to find and join clubs, organizations, or campus involvement, and keeps them up to date on events, which helps foster connection through the organizations at one’s university.

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