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Kingswood Fun Run

I created the Kingswood Fun Run at age 9. Through this race, I combined my passion to get young kids interested in running while benefiting my favorite charity, the Atlanta Humane Society.  This fun run was made to help young children of all ages and adults enjoy running while making a difference in the community by striving to end pet homelessness.

Through this event, I combine my two passions of animals and helping to get young kids interested in the sport of running. The Atlanta Humane Society places over 7,000 animals into forever homes each year and helps neglected homeless animals. 

My first race started with 10 runners at age 9, over the course of a decade I had 100+ runners and raised over $100,000 for the Atlanta Humane Society. In order to broadcast the run and house information, I created this website


Created the run, designed the course, organized, solicited sponsors and publicized the run, and-delivered to over 900 homes, hundreds of advertising posters and yard signs around Atlanta, hosted the race, contacted media outlets, networked, and single handedly fundraised for 10 years.

Find the Kingswood Fun Run website here.

Atlanta Humane Society website here.

Find the Atlanta Humane Society’s link to the fun run fundraiser here.

Crayons and Collars website here.

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I fell in love with the sport of running and I wanted it to benefit my favorite charity, which is the Atlanta Humane Society, " said Haley, 16. "Animals have always been in my life. I know there are thousands of animals out there that need help and are homeless, and that's the Atlanta Humane Society's mission -- to go out and rescue these animals and put them in forever homes."


16-year-old raises $43,000 for animal shelter

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