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Hey! I am Haley Hooper, a 22-year-old DJ whose passion for music has led her on a journey of self-discovery and creativity. From a young age, I have been heavily influenced by various genres of music and that led me to start experimenting with music production.

With a keen ear for beats and melody, I have honed my craft and have recently published my first three songs on Spotify, showcasing my unique style and energy.


I make music with a fusion of different genres, from house to techno, making it an exciting and dynamic listening experience. I am not just limited to making music, as I am also a talented DJ. I have a natural ability to read the crowd, so I know how to keep the dance floor moving.


My love of music has encouraged me to continue to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of my art. With more music on the way, I hope to establish myself as a rising talent in the electronic music scene.

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