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My Closet

Like with every industry, online retail shopping has many inefficiencies. Through my shopping experience, I have identified the three biggest obstacles: deciding which product(s) to purchase, ordering the right size, and checking out more than once.The problem that “MyCloset” directly solves is the issue of checking out multiple times. This app also eases the experience of deciding which products to purchase, by condensing windows for organized comparison.

The user interface design for this app is a space to make online shopping individualized, efficient, and fun. The goal of this app is to make the shopping experience more personal and streamline while combating the many issues that come with having multiple tabs open on a computer or phone. The user for this app is anyone with access to the internet who wants to purchase something online. The need specific (target) user for this app is a customer wanting to shop multiple brands of their choice—at one time in an organized efficient manner.

Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 3.20.38 PM.png

Coordinate facets of design including: user task flow, visual aesthetics, product management, prototyping, user research. Entire UX / UI wireframe layout communicated to software engineers, recruited and onboarded team members, solo led app design, marketing, communication, and creation.


- Communication

- Critical Thinking

- Flexibility

- Creativity

- Problem Solving

- Teamwork

- Emotional Intelligence

- User Research + Testing

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